What Type Of Men Visit Sex Workers And Can You Spot Yourself?

I don’t shine a light in my boys’ faces and force them to fill out an application form or anything, but over time, you get to know your regulars and a bit about their lives. I think most lay people assume the type of men who “have” to (they don’t) pay for sex are flasher mac-types hanging around in parks waiting for an opportunity to let it all hang loose.

When a guy rings me, I have a screening process which includes three rules before I will see them. Now, this is an application :). My boys must sound reasonably intelligent, be respectful and their first language must be English. The latter is so that there isn’t a breakdown in communication – the most important for me is making sure they/you come to the right address so things are kept super discreet.

So, what type of men visit sex workers? I think different sex workers attract different types of men. I think taxi/lorry drivers are more likely to visit massage parlours (I have a great regular who is a lorry driver by the way), the super rich are likely to go for a high class type of escort (Although not James Hewitt funnily enough.) and, on the whole, I attract the types I’ve listed below.

Mr Meeting Man

Mr Meeting man makes up around 40% of the men who come (haha) to pay (tee hee) me a visit. He is usually aged between 40 and 60, drives a BMW or similar, and is out on the road going to meetings. Mr Meeting Man is a senior sales person and looks like your average MP (discarding the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and the Tory with the blonde hairpiece): Grey hair, suited and conservative looking. He is also usually married and plays golf.

Mr Well Off Tradesman

This type of guy makes up around 20% of my visitors. Mr Well Off Tradesman has usually made himself a small fortune with his own groundwork company or similar building/property business.

Mr Well Off Tradesman usually drives a Range Rover and has a BMW tucked away at home for special occasions. He is dressed in smart-casual clothing, likes playing golf, is married, and aged between 40 and 65.

Mr Professional

Around 10% of my men are doctors, solicitors, policemen or other types of professionals you wouldn’t initially think to be the sort of people that visit sex workers. They drive BMW’s (very common with punters as you can see), Mondeos and are married pillars of their communities. Mr Professional is suited and booted, aged between 30 and 60 and doesn’t play golf.

Mr Retired

Around 10% of my boys are retired and their background can be any of the above. Their car of choice is a Jaguar or a Mercedes. They are usually widowed or married, aged between 60 and 70, are well spoken, dressed smart-casual and…..like playing golf!

Mr Works For Himself

Mr Works For Himself makes up the remaining 20% of men who come to visit me. These are the plumbers, electricians, carpenters, dog walkers, carpet fitters and all manner of the self-employed you’d find in the now defunct Yellow Pages. Mr Works For Himself drives a van, is aged between 30 and 60, wears work overalls and can be married or single.

And let me just say: It doesn’t matter what walk of life a man is from – I just go by the voice.

So next time you ask yourself, “What type of men visit sex workers?” – remember, it can be absolutely anyone from any walk of life. Just as society tends to stereotype sex workers, the flasher-mac type of punter is also just a cliche.