My main concern when we meet is to make you feel comfortable. Your hands can roam free and we can kiss and cuddle. I like things to be as relaxed as possible in such a strange situation.

I know how nerve-wracking it can be, what with finding the address, making sure you’re not spotted, worrying about being late and stressing about performance, being in a safe place and whether that’s really me in the photos.

First of all, I work super quietly seeing select guys. One of the reasons I like to hear a man’s voice before a booking is because I can get a feel for them within the first sentence. Most of my boys are professionals. I don’t see “riff-raff”.

We can talk about what you want but basically my do’s and dont’s are as follows…

I’m fairly vanilla (nothing too kinky) – although saying that…


Breast relief

Dirty talk

Domination (lightish)

Full personal (protected)


Oral (protected)

Reverse oral

Role play


A levels