My Favourite Boys

(My desktop blew up on me a few days ago so bear with if this post turns out to be a bit knackered looking.)

I thought I’d write a nice post today. My usual style is a bit sarcastic but it’s all very tongue in cheek and I don’t want people thinking I’m a complete bitch. So I’m going to tell you about some of my favourite men and try to rein (reign? I can’t be bothered to look it up) in my caustic attitude.

T. He sees me practically every week and we are quite similar in a few ways which means we can drop any pretence of polite social niceties and talk about things that would probably get us arrested if anyone heard us. We are very politically INcorrect and both of us have a bit of a grumpy disposition that protects the sensitive personalities we try to hide.

He is also really easy to ‘do” and gives me a lovely massage.

D. I don’t see D anymore because his wife found out he was seeing sex workers. He had a few of us on the go and he’d visit me once every six to eight weeks or so. I’d say out of all my boys, D knew the real me the most. He’s one of the few punters that also knew my real name. For some reason I could talk to him about a few insecurities I have, and it was all very relaxed and easy. It worked both ways and he also talked to me about private things.

After his wife found out what he’d been up to, he called me and said he had to stay faithful to her. He would call me every few weeks after that for a chat but after a while we agreed to cut ties completely and I’ve not spoken to him for ages.

Lovely man.

E. E saw one working girl before me and had a bad experience. The woman cried rape and reported him to the police. The police then called E when he was with his wife. He managed to get out of his wife knowing what the call was about and the police told him this woman was known for doing what she’d done and no charges were bought.

Since then he has only seen me (I believe him), but always takes the “evidence” away with him.

I quite fancy this man.

P. I don’t have to have any sort of friendship with my men to like and get on with them. P is a regular who visits me once every six weeks or so. He knows what he wants, knows my red lines and is an all round good egg.

G. Good old G. This is another one that knows a little bit about my life. He sees me every week (he’s loaded – this isn’t usual). I know his real name, his company and all that kind of stuff, so there’s definitely trust there. G is a very gentle soul, but don’t think these men pay to talk to me. No, they are with me to have naughty sex and that is what we do. The talking is usually in my time – or sometimes theirs. Often a bit of both.

I must be the only working girl who doesn’t have a clock in the bedroom come to think of it!

I have many guys I see that I like more than others, but I don’t see people I don’t like – full stop!

I think it must make this job very difficult if you feel you have to see people that make you cringe – I’ve always said when it gets to that stage, I shall bail out. I earn money with a civvy job so this isn’t my only income thank goodness, and to be quite frank, as I don’t see many people, I’d probably earn more money giving this game up and spending my time earning money another way.

So, there you go. No asides. I can be nice after all.

Until next time…..