It All Started With Bob

“How did you get into this?” is one of the questions I’m often asked.

I was living with a long-term boyfriend in a house we had just bought together, working as the manager of a sandwich shop, while Dan was a mortgage advisor. Our relationship came to an end – mainly because I found out he was having it off with his secretary. I kicked him out and as I didn’t want to lose the house, I decided to become an escort! Why not?!

I remember my first three jobs clearly, and then to be honest, they all kind of merge together and I forget the timeline.

As I was new to escorting and didn’t fancy getting lost, when the agency offered me a driver, I tentatively agreed. Tentative because I was half expecting a dodgy brick of a man with a gold tooth and smarmy manner who would want to stop off for a line of cocaine and a free hand-job. Thankfully what I actually got was a happily married, cheerful guy moonlighting to save for a family holiday.

“Mick” warned me sincerely that I’d probably be really upset when I came back to his car – I didn’t know what to expect so assumed he would probably be right – but I have to say, even though the nerves were kicking in, I was also slightly excited. I had pound signs in my eyes. Was I really going to earn in an hour what I’d usually earn in a week working my normal job?

He dropped me off outside a smart semi-detached house with a Porsche on the drive (I’m not impressed by nice cars, in fact they kind of turn me off, – I’m just painting a picture here). When “Bob” answered the door, I was relieved to meet a clean looking, handsome guy who turned out to be polite and genuinely lovely. He poured me a glass of champers while I got busy trying to look as if I knew what I was doing!

I really shouldn’t tell you the following, but what the heck.

Bob knew this was my first escort booking and asked me if I would have unprotected sex with him. I really have no idea what I was thinking, but I stupidly agreed!

Obviously I’ve never done this since and I actually ban people for even asking me the question, so don’t get your hopes up if you’re the silly kind.

I’m so ashamed.

I should have charged him at least double. 🙂

We had a great hour and the time flew by. And actually, before I became paranoid about my two lives overlapping, I did go on to rent a house from him.

After the session had finished I called Mick and asked him to pick me up down the road. As I climbed onto the back seat, he looked back at me full of concern, but when I burst out laughing and said “That’s the easiest money I’ve ever earned!” he asked if we were in business.

We were!