How To Find A Great Escort In Northampton

Without being ripped off/conned, rushed…..or worse.

I don’t know any working women as I keep myself to myself (and you?), but I’ve heard the stories.

I would guess that most sex workers are absolutely fine and provide an ok to good service – so don’t believe the hype (that you haven’t heard about). The tales on the punter grapevine are probably in a small minority: people talk about the bad ones, the good ones, and tend to forget the so-so ones in-between.

If you aren’t a regular visitor of escorts in Northampton (apologies for the obvious keywords) or anywhere for that matter, here are some of my insider tips to hopefully ensure you find someone nice and have a good experience.

When you do a Google search, for “escorts in Northampton”, the first page or two will be full of escort directories, escort agencies and digital newspaper adverts. If you want to find an escort’s own personal website you will need to dig deeper as these are usually found on pages two, three and beyond on The Big G.

Most people “in the know” will go directly to that awful escort “club” website that I shall call the STD Fellowship. This is the biggest escort website in the world and the first (as far as I know) to offer the sex workers the opportunity to advertise bareback sex as one of their “likes”. I’ve since noticed another website allowing this option and I think it’s awful. Girls advertising bare back gang-bangs from their roving Fanny Wagons is not cool.

Also, this particular website asks the sex workers to verify and if they don’t, they are booted off. This means you need to send them a copy of your passport or other ID. There is absolutely no need for them to ask for this information in my view, especially if the advertisers are British. Why do they need your full name? I say this for a reason. You are not going to get the part-time nurses, the students studying law, the people with a lot to lose, on this website. Most advertisers here are full time escorts, and I think narrowing the field down isn’t a great service for people looking for escorts.

In fact, I think a good way of catering to advertisers and customers is to have an option to verify. Those who do verify get ranked higher on the website, but the verification should allow you to pixelate the name out of your passport. Nobody needs that for verification! All you need is for the escort site to be able to see the face on the passport and compare that with the profile photos.

This is a safer, more respectful way to do business and will encourage escorts to verify without the fear of an Ashley Madison situation.

These are the things I’ve learnt from my boys when it comes to finding a decent escort (in Northampton?)

A lot of photos are airbrushed. That’s not to say the escort is a fake: her photos just smooth out the usual bits and bobs you’d see in an un-airbrushed photo. I’d probably do it too if I knew how. Or cared. Or had the time.

Some photos are 100% fake! If you see a profile of someone who looks like a professional glamour model, offering every single service known to man, if it all looks a bit too good to be true – tread with caution.

On some websites, escorts need to pay a premium to have their profile advertised at the top of the page. Don’t always think the first person listed is the best. Have a look towards the back of the advertisements: sometimes these escorts have regular clients and are kept busy without having to spend money on those premium adverts – which means they are probably worth a visit.

Talk to the person on the phone because you can tell a lot by someone’s voice. Ask if they are the person in the photographs.

Only take enough money in to pay for the services you spoke about on the phone. Leave your wallet in the car or elsewhere (I just want to remind you that the stories I’ve heard are rare in the grand scheme of things but it’s better to be safe than sorry).

If the area looks rough, stay away. You can Google Earth the area before you make a booking.

When you turn up and are greeted by someone who’s obviously 30 years older than her photos or even a completely different person – walk away and don’t pay. Apparently, the most popular excuse men make is: “I’ve left my wallet in my car”. You can use it if you like but she will know you’re not coming back.

I think that’s about it.

If it’s your first time visiting a sex worker and you are feeling nervous – tell her (or him) and they should try to make you feel a little better.

I know I always make an effort to try and relax my men if I think they are feeling nervous. A hug and a bit of chatter usually does it. 🙂