How To Create A Replacement For Adultwork

For the entrepreneurs amongst you.

Can you please build a replacement for Adultwork. Thanks!

My Adultwork Review for Punters.

Actually, I don’t need them, but a lot of sex workers do and feel they have little choice but to begrudgingly send in their personal details to satisfy Adultwork’s ‘verification’ demands.

Some would say, the more discreet workers with the most regular clients choose to advertise elsewhere.

I’m one of them.

But the thing is, many adult websites don’t offer sex workers and their customers things that Adultwork do, which means there’s a gap in the market for someone to create a website with functions that attract advertiser’s and customers alike.

I’ve noticed escort websites starting off with basic functions and adding more bits and bobs as they go along, which, in my view doesn’t work.

So from the off, if anyone fancies a shot at creating a replacement for Adultwork, there are certain things you’ll need apart from the usual search functions and image galleries etc.

I know a little tiny bit about websites, but not enough to suggest which platform you should use. All I do know is that it can’t be WordPress. I do know about SEO though, so if you need any pointers in that area, call me.

These are the two most important things I think a website replacement for Adultwork will need:

An Available Today button. Some of us work part time or in short bursts (say, the odd week here or there) but usually have to pay for weekly or monthly advertising with the paid for websites that I know of, which can be a waste of our money.

An Available Today button is also better for the customers so that they know who is around for certain on any given day.

Customers like to feel they are seeing the person in the photographs, therefore verification is a good idea. But you can ‘verify’ people and not ask for their personal details such as full name and passport number.

An idea would be to ask the service providers for a recent photo – maybe this could be a requirement every six months – but allow the sex workers to cover their eyes. You could also ask advertisers to hold a piece of paper/card with their account number on and to also hold a recent newspaper with the date on it.

You could even ask them to send over a copy of their passport or driving license but allow them to pixelate their private details.

But I don’t think verification should be an absolute requirement. It should be a suggestion and those who do verify automatically get placed to the top of the listings.

You can then charge for premium listings above the verified advertisers, and the paying advertisers who are verified can go above the non verified paying customers.

We all want to be on the first page of the listings and this method will greatly encourage advertisers to verify – especially if we can keep our details private!

This will attract the super discreet advertiser’s who maybe have other professional jobs who won’t risk Adultwork”s prying demands.

Most sex worker websites allow us to update our profiles which then bumps our profiles up the page.

If a website has lots of advertisers it can cause a problem with sex workers continually trying to bump their profiles to the top of the listings. Something Adultwork is apparently penalising advertisers for.

You can’t have a once a day limit incase there’s a mistake on the profile and a correction needs to be made. So I think a fair system would be to have the profiles rotated from the backend (your side).

One main reason the dreaded Adultwork have been popular is because they’ve had free media publicity – always negative on this subject, but coverage non-the-less.

And this is what a replacement for Adultwork will need. I have some ideas for this but you’ll have to contact me for that.

I will come back and tidy/add to this post when I buy myself a new computer as adding links and just writing in general is difficult on my small iPhone screen.