Going Mad In Lockdown

My house is sparkling clean. The garden is coming along nicely. I’ve even painted the hallway and started a new hobby (growing things from seeds, starting with Hosta plants).

But I’m bored rigid!

My first week in lockdown was great; I manically stockpiled toilet roll, disinfectant and soap (sorry), cleaned, lazed around and finished two books I’d previously half read, but now I’m kind of missing the attention and structure of my 3 day working week.

I find the whole stockpiling thing a bit weird. I see toilet rolls etc are back on the shelves with shoppers barely glancing at them, but the new must have product that’s sold out everywhere is now flour!

Such is my boredom, I’m noticing these things.

After two weeks of watching padded out Covid-19 news – which will definitely continue for a year or so after this is all over (How Coronavirus changed my life, etc.) – giving us gold dust snippets such as the best way to cut our own hair and the must have lockdown mascara we need etc, I decided to limit my TV viewing, hence the new hobby.

I’m working on my other business and that’s keeping me busy, but the computer isn’t giving me the attention I crave!

In all seriousness, when can sex workers get back in the saddle? There’s not going to be a vaccine for this thing until at least the end of this year. And as there’s no testing and tracking as is happening in other countries, it seems the UK government are going for herd immunity – we can all go ahead and get it (well, yeah, you may die), but can you please do it slowly so the NHS can cope – maybe I’ll take my chances!

My guess is they’ll start lifting current restrictions in three to four weeks’ time, but it’ll be a gradual thing with health therapists being last on the list. I think when the nail technicians and hairdressers can go back to work, then so can we.

But I’m rebelling and thinking of coming back to work one day a week or maybe doing the occasional outcall.

I wonder if there’s such a thing as an accessible sexy Hazmat suit!

Or maybe a hole in the wall will suffice!

See you on the other side.