Do Sex Workers Prefer Regular Clients Or Newbies?

It’s a debate worthy of a slot on PMQ’s.

However, as I highly doubt the question of whether sex workers prefer regulars or newbies will hit mainstream TV, I’ll blather on about my own experience and give my panel of one conclusion here.


From my own point of view, there are consistent patterns when it comes to my patients.

Some of my regulars will initially visit once a fortnight or so for a few months and then reduce their visits to three or four times a year. I have others who visit me once a fortnight and others still who come to see me once a year. Sometimes they just disappear completely due to finding someone else they prefer, moving away, or popping their clogs. (I do always wonder.)

Now as you know – I don’t see people I don’t like. It works both ways and I enjoy my job because – at the moment – I can still be choosy. But some lovely regulars have been sacked because they just want too much.

I find that the regular regulars sometimes want too much from me over time; It’s as if they think we have a special relationship because they are such frequent visitors and will ask me to do things I don’t do. They are always polite (I don’t see idiots), but when they keep asking me to do things not on my list, it grinds me down and I will get rid.

I had one lovely regular a month or so ago that I mixed up with another booking – so I gave him a discount due to having to rush him a little bit. Recently he called to ask if I could charge him the same as the previous time. In my mind I was thinking – you are sacked, but I told him that yes I would but it would be for a twenty minute service.

I binned him by text!

He replied saying he was going to say no to the cheaper twenty-minute service – he actually wanted the cheaper price but with no reduced time.

Also, for some men, boredom will set in when seeing the same sex worker month in month out. I know it’s a cliché but it is like having the same meal over and over again and I understand that.

That’s the only negative when it comes to some regulars.

The Things I Love About My Regulars

They know where I am so there’s no confusion or drama getting them to my front door.

They are super discreet because my nerves have rubbed off on them over time.

It doesn’t matter if I’m just getting out of the bath. They can make themselves a drink while I get ready and they aren’t fussed about seeing me pre-lippy.


New visitors are usually a breeze. After the application process (you do know this is tongue- in-cheek I hope) where I weed out the idiots, the guys I see are just my type. They are usually thrilled that I’m not some fat smelly old hag and the booking is a pleasure.

Of course, the positives of my regulars are reversed into negatives here. I can’t be running late (usually because I’m too engrossed in a game of Word Chums), I have to make sure they don’t go to the wrong door and there is always the chance I got the screening process wrong.

So Do Sex Workers Prefer Regular Clients Or Newbies?

I love getting new clients. They are great guys, everything is new to them, they are relieved I am genuine and I don’t feel as if I have to change things up. I have rejection issues and I just love the feeling of approval these men give me.

So all in all, the newbies have it!