Discreet Escort Outcall In Northampton

Does the idea of booking an outcall escort in Northampton make you feel nervous?

Let me tell you how I work when doing outcalls so you know what to expect and hopefully feel reassured.

Outcalls are to your place of work, your home, or a hotel you’re either staying in or have booked for the purpose.

Most working girls prefer hotels, but as I’m super paranoid that people know what I’m up to, I prefer to come to your home, although I don’t mind hotels at all.

If you wanted to book a hotel for the purpose, you could always call your escort for recommendations. Actually, I don’t do many outcalls, but I do know of one hotel which is ideal.

Most hotels will be ok because just one person coming to visit you isn’t going to raise any eyebrows and you can meet the escort outside. There’s also usually another way to get into a hotel without having to walk past the reception.

The hotel I know of has a large bar area with a partitioned off sofa area at the back with the stairs to the bedrooms close by – also hidden from reception. I’ve been here once before and it’s fine.

If you’re looking for a super discreet outcall in Northampton, this is how I personally operate:

Coming to your hotel

I will ask for your room number and call the hotel reception to be put through to you as this proves that you are there. Then, as arranged in the call from your mobile before, we’ll have a short fake conversation on the hotel phone and then go back to making arrangements from our mobiles.

Because some hotels ask visitors to punch in their car registration number (this is to make sure non residents aren’t parking there for free) on arrival, I will sometimes get a cab to the hotel. If not, it isn’t a problem as people visit hotel guests for drinks in the bar all the time.

I will always arrive smart casual with my ‘kit’ in a small bag. No obvious holdall with a cheeky condom poking through the zip.

Coming to your home

Most working girls would need to verify your address by doing a reverse home phone number check. But if you’re ex-directory that obviously won’t work. So another thing to do would be to ask you to take a photo of a bill showing the address you want the escort to visit and send it to her.

Different escorts need different things to satisfy them when visiting your home address. For me, if you’re local and I like the sound of you, I have a simple non-intrusive way of verifying the address I’m coming to.

Once the booking is over, I forget all about you, so don’t worry, I shan’t be sending you discount vouchers in the post.

When coming to see you, I also wear soft soled shoes so there’s no tell-tale clicking of heels causing attention from nosy neighbours.

A discreet escort outcall in Northampton is guaranteed with me, because I’m so low-key and ever so slightly paranoid – but if you have any questions, of course you can call me.