Coronavirus And Being Careful

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Working during the current situation: I’m currently monitoring the situation but for now, I’m continuing with my low volume three day work week. I’m mostly seeing regulars but I might see a few newbies if they pass my screening. I’m asking everyone to wash their hands upon arrival. No shared towels – hands to be dried on kitchen roll. No caughing or sneezing freely; there’s tissue for that.

At the time of writing this there are 12 confirmed cases of CV within Northamptonshire which has a population of over 740,000. I may take a break from work depending on how things unfold.


As you know, I’m very careful about who I see. But we also know Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who it infects.

So when you come to see me, I will be asking you to wash your hands thoroughly before you touch any surfaces in my apartment. And of course, before you touch me.

I have Dettol wipes which I generally use anyway to wipe down surfaces, but I’m stepping that up right now. Light switches, door handles, bed frame – they are all being wiped down between bookings.

Im also not allowing kisses on my face at the moment. You can use your mouth elsewhere as these areas will literally be wiped with anti bacterial soap afterwards before I have my bath.

This Coronavirus is a bit of a worry for me I must say and I’m trying not to be too paranoid so please don’t take offence at these new adjustments to my working routine.

If you have a cold or a cough I’m also asking you to stay away for now.