AdultWork Review For Punters

I’ve been thinking about writing an AdultWork review for punters for a while now as I have a real problem with their attitude and ridiculous/possibly dangerous requests.

AdultWork Review For Punters

If you’ve landed on this page via a link from another website, or you got here directly from Google, chances are you’ve never heard of AdultWork.

AdultWork are not ranked high by Google for all the usual search terms such as; “Escorts Northampton” “Independent escorts Northampton” etc, and I suspect this is due to being penalised by search engines for trying to game the system by using black hat ranking tactics. (Update: They are now climbing to page one for the usual search terms.) However, they are well known within the sex industry due to the publicity they have received in the Press over the years. AdultWork see themselves as a club with their so called USP (Unique Selling Point) being to provide genuine sex workers for their customers. (It doesn’t work.)

To become a “member” of this club, they ask sex workers to send a photograph of their full ID – driving licence or passport. You are also asked to send them a facial photo holding a sign with your member number on it – these photos have ended up in punter forums which isn’t nice for the sex worker – as you can imagine.

If you are a sex worker, AdultWork will treat you like trash, demand full ID (Available to HMRC should they ever require it – not that people should hide their money, but some sex workers do not want to reveal the truth of where they earn that money and prefer to grant their accountants poetic licence to protect themselves), take your profile down on a whim, be rude to you in Live Chat, and from what I’ve read, disregard your privacy and show your face verification photo on your profile without permission.

If you are a foreign national (and even if you are not) they will also ask you to hold a sign with your membership ID by the street name of your home address.

Sometimes, AdultWork even insist the sex workers show their facial verification photo on their profiles, which I think is awful.

Why am I writing this AdultWork review for punters?

They pissed me off. I advertised with them for 18 months when out of the blue, they contacted me asking me to verify, and as I wouldn’t, they deleted my profile. But it’s not that. When I subsequently contacted them asking why they were asking me to verify now, they were rude and arrogant which I’ve since learnt is just how they can be depending on who you talk to and what type of mood they are in on any given day. I’ve read stories of sex workers begging to have their profiles back – to no avail. Check out their reviews on Trust Pilot. They even send snotty emails telling sex workers they (AdultWork) do not want them on their website any longer.

So this AdultWork review for punters is just me having a whinge. Why not?

What does all this mean if you are a punter?

Well, a lot of the sex workers are now advertising elsewhere.
If you are the type of person that prefers discrete, low-key sex workers, I hardly think you will find many here. On the whole, the moonlighting students and people with responsible jobs who need to keep their escorting private aren’t going to give AdultWork such sensitive information. Sex workers with many regular customers are probably also avoiding this website. Who needs the stress?

I consider it a badge of honour NOT to advertise on Adultwork

I’ve been asking some of my boys about their experience with AdultWork recently and this is what one of them told me:

In his experience, nine out of ten of the profiles are not genuine because the sex workers use filtered photos, or photos that are years old (this is rife in the sex industry). The profiles will say they work from a spotless apartment, and yet when you arrive, it can be a bit of a flea-pit.

He said there are some genuine women on there but they are few and far between.

AdultWork also encourage a “buyer beware” policy on their website and say they cannot guarantee the person in the photographs are the person you will see.

Unless AdultWork actually visit the sex workers themselves and see where they are living, and check everything on their profiles is true, there is little point in asking for ID. The verified sign by the member profiles doesn’t really prove anything other than the sex worker is of a legal age, and this can be done without having to reveal your full legal name and other stupid things they ask for.

Not only are the sex workers advertising elsewhere nowadays, the punters are also using other websites to find an escort, and these other websites usually have more escorts listed in the town you are searching.

AdultWork aren’t the only escort advertising website (and come on, that is exactly what they are) allowing an option for sex workers to offer full bareback sex, but in my view, responsible websites do not allow this choice. I think this creates a race to the bottom with escorts trying to outdo each other in what they are prepared to do to earn a living.

I remember watching a documentary on TV where a sex worker was advertising her services on AdultWork. She was driving around to different locations in what I call a “Fanny Wagon”, offering an all over rash via bareback gangbangs in lay-bys.

I have heard of women working on AdultWork contracting gonorrhea of the throat, and I think this is because a lot of the men see many women. If you look at the customers’ feedback, you will see that punters can have over 100 reviews from 100 different women.

And people wonder why STI’s in general are on the increase.

This, for me, is another good reason not to advertise on AdultWork!

However, as this is an AdultWork review for punters, I will also give you the positives.

AdultWork have been quite smart in offering a good variety of search terms for you to narrow down what you are looking for. You can also set the criteria for sex workers to show their verification photo if you choose to. (I can only assume the sex workers who show their faces holding their AdultWork ID number have been told to do so by AdultWork and if they don’t, their profiles will be removed. The sex workers are so worried about losing their accounts, they usually feel that they have no choice.)

You can also read reviews on the sex workers – but buyer beware, I’ve heard some of these can also be egged up a notch or five. But again, a smart move by AdultWork. Some other escort sites are trying to do the same but AdultWork have taken the market and the competition have little hope of catching up unless they offer something unique.

(I have what I think is a great idea for an adult website that benefits both sex workers and punters alike which I’ll ramble on about soon. These posts are for the search engines by the way – I want a competitive alternative to AdultWork and it’ll take a few months for this page to be found for the search term, “AdultWork review for punters” which I’m hoping will be found by an entrepreneurial type.)

So AdultWork do offer the punters things that other websites don’t which is great. But the effort they ask sex workers to go through to advertise with them doesn’t result in a better or more genuine experience than all the other websites out there.

You just have to use your loaf with all escort profiles across the board when looking for a bit of fun.